Why Bother?

I was hesitant to begin a blog. I mean, isn’t that a pretty cliche’ “stay at home mom” thing to do? However (obviously) after much pestering from my husband that “You should start a blog”, I decided that the joy I find in writing down my thoughts and sharing my experiences with others trumps any aversions I have to becoming cliche’. (Perhaps it has something to do with having one of the most popular names of my generation, but I feel a compulsion to not be “one of the crowd” that borders on a character flaw.)

So why bother? What finally pushed me into the blogosphere?

Lately, I’ve been really enjoying sharing what little knowledge I have gained about health, meal planning, being frugal and environmentally friendly and some parenting tricks.

I especially enjoy meal planning and trying to think of better ways to eat cleaner (read: healthier/real), more local, and less wastefully. I have created a few Facebook groups and recently ventured into planning out all my family’s meals and snacks for a week and sharing the grocery list and recipes with a group. I surprisingly enjoyed the task and found it very fulfilling to help others. The thanks I recieved from busy people trying to eat better really confirmed my desire to keep going.

Then we hit a financial “snafoo.” A lot of little expenses piled up in our lives to become a pretty rough month financially and now we are looking ahead at a big purchase we need to make in the next four months and feeling like it’s an impossible task.

Here’s where my stubborn nature comes in handy. When someone says “This is not possible” my response is “challenge accepted.”

So in addition to sharing my menus and thoughts on how to live a more mindful life when it comes to eating, parenting, health and spending, this blog will also hopefully act as a source of accountability for me.

My goal is to completely cut out extraneous spending for the rest of this month. I calcualuted that we were probably spending somewhere between $50-100 a week on fast food, drinks, spontaneous snacks and purchases, and activities for the kids, my husband and I going out, babysitters and so on, but no more!  We need to save every little bit we can and figure out other ways of entertaining the kids and ourselves that do not cost anything.

The next part of my “save money” challenge will be to cut our grocery bill in half for the rest of the month. For a family of four, we were typically spending between $90-130 a week on groceries and other items at the store. My new goal is for at least the next month to rely on stores we already have in place and cut our spending down to $45-70 a week (while still eating clean and healthy of course!). That’s going to be a real challenge, but I think we can do with some creative and mindful eating and using food we already have stocked.

Friday is menu planning/grocery list making day! So we shall see how we do! Wish us luck!


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